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SMDJ Letter to the Editor - San Mateo Height Limits


I, along with approximately 7,000 other citizens of San Mateo, recently signed a petition that would allow the citizens of our community to decide if there should be a building height limit in San Mateo.

I do not like to see the rapid expansion of high-density housing in our community and the excessive traffic congestion as a result. I do not like the possibility of buildings being constructed over three or four stories in San Mateo near the Caltrain stations of Hillsdale and San Mateo.

What soccer mom is going to take her kids to games riding Caltrain?

What individual is going to shop for food riding Caltrain?

I am not pleased that some of the same developers and trade unions who fought measures H and P now are insinuating that those who signed the recent petition do not know what these citizens signed. I am not pleased that the San Mateo City Council is trying to change the rhetoric in the petition for building height limitations to conform to “new” state regulations that are not clear.

The citizens of San Mateo have the right to determine the building height limit anywhere in our community. The citizens of San Mateo have the right to determine who holds a City Council seat. Thankfully, they also have the right to determine who should no longer hold a seat on the council.

Deborah Kohn

San Mateo


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