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SAN MATEANS - RIGHT NOW there is a war against single family home zoning and voter approved Measure Y building height limits! 

Can you take a few minutes to remind the Council that they represent the voters who have told them they want managed growth and Council is obligated to carry-out Measure Y and protect our many San Mateo neighborhoods?  THEY MEET JANUARY 24th ON THIS SUBJECT: 


We have an imminent deadline from the state to have an approved Housing Element – which is our plan to comply with the 7,015 mandated number of housing units for this 8 year cycle for San Mateo.  A FAILURE TO MEET THIS DEADLINE CAN FORCE A ‘BUILDER’S REMEDY’ UPON US – whereby developers are provided a housing development streamlining tool to fast track their proposals.

Last year, City staff determined we could meet the 7,015 unit even with the resident approved Measure Y building height limits. Staff also included an extra ‘buffer’ identifying places for more units than the minimum required.  

However, some members of the Planning Commission decided to take it upon themselves to contact the state's Dept. of Housing and Community Development (HCD) to cry foul and say that our Housing Element was INSUFFICIENT.  (This was frowned upon by the City, generally, since this is NOT what the PC is supposed to do.)  

Last Tuesday, the Planning Commission was supposed to give their recommendation to the Council regarding the Housing Element.  They've recommended the Council DENY the proposed Housing Element, which could expose us to the Builder’s Remedy. 

Staff made it clear that development within Measure Y standards allows the Housing Element to meet all current state requirements. Yet a small group of YIMBY pro-development extremists wants to take away local land use control and will be bombarding the City Council on the 24th  with the false message that San Mateo must gut our current zoning protections and throw out everything that makes our city a desirable place to live.  

Let us underscore this: The Council’s decision regarding the Housing Element could put at risk the controls residents voted for with Measure Y and the current zoning of single-family neighborhoods.

In conjunction and not surprisingly, Bohannon Development now feels Measure Y is holding them back from creating 2,000 units to replace the mall, so they have reduced their count to 1,200 – reducing figures used to help account for our Housing Element unit numbers.  Though we still have a buffer for our final count, this may provide the YIMBYs with additional fodder.

WHAT NOW? At the January 24TH Council meeting, the pressure will be on from YIMBYs for MORE units/housing and/or a push for the "Builder's Remedy." Urge the Council to adopt the Housing Element as presented!  

SHARE THIS INFO - Emails are great, in person or Zoom speaking is BEST! 

To find the meeting info and the Zoom link as the 24thapproaches: 

Email the Council before Jan. 24th at CITYCOUNCIL@CITYOFSANMATEO.ORG and copy to get your opinion on record for the meeting! 

Bottom line: Support/Request the City Council ACCEPT the current Housing Element as presented by City staff on January 24th at the Council Meeting.

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