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About Us

San Mateans for Responsive Government (SMRG) are local community leaders and volunteers from every neighborhood in San Mateo -- your friends and neighbors. We are grassroots environmentalists, open space activists, affordable housing advocates, historic preservationists, sustainable growth enthusiasts and small business owners.  We believe that San Mateo can be a vibrant, thriving and diverse city without sacrificing its character or its heritage. 


Think about why you moved to San Mateo. Was it because you preferred a mid-size, less urban city with good schools, many parks, an authentic historic downtown, and a diversity of people and job opportunities?  Or did you move here to change its character, making it more urban with tall buildings, less parking and more displacement of existing residents and businesses?  


San Mateo can allow for high density commercial and residential growth well into the 21st Century, while still proactively protecting the community character, rich heritage, and quality of life that continues to draw people to this wonderful city.  As our name indicates, we believe our elected officials are obligated to represent and be responsive to all the people they serve, and not just those with the most money, power or influence.

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