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San Mateo Listed Among Top 100 Best Places to Live

" Located in an enviable spot on San Francisco Bay, San Mateo reflects the economic and technological dynamism of Silicon Valley, at the same time cherishing the casual pace of life and convenience of a traditional smaller city. " - Laura Hill,

People love San Mateo because it is SUB-urban. Part of being suburban is size and scale, which is further reflected in a slower pace of life. Also mentioned is Central Park - a key open space, that when combined with our manageable and historic, yet full-featured downtown, creates a unique small town experience that we must cherish and protect as San Mateans.

HAACs (Housing At Any Cost aka YIMBYs) don't understand this, or don't care. They only care about their singular agenda without regard for the whole problem - infrastructure, overstressed transit systems, schools, police, fire, etc. They seek centralized, automated approvals that subvert existing processes and ordinances, and eliminate parking and accessory dwelling unit regulations. They want to kill San Mateo's suburban character and turn our city into the next San Francisco, San Jose, Redwood City, or some generic overbuilt shell of what we once were.

Read more about why San Mateo made the list at Then help us protect it by joining our local, grassroots efforts and stop the HAACs!


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