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Residents Express Their Dismay & Get Good News

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Just a week ago, when residents learned Mayor Goethals had suggested perhaps the extension to Measure would not go on the November ballot, Council received a flurry of emails with a loud and clear message!

In response, the Council publicly confirmed last Monday night that they will place the extension of Measure P on the ballot, despite Mayor Joe Goethals’ proposal to delay it. According to the Daily Journal, Goethals said he had been "dissuaded" of the notion of trying to persuade San Mateans for Responsive Government (SMRG) to withdraw the measure.

At the close of Monday's meeting, Council had directed the City Attorney to get back to them regarding when the measure could be put on the ballot. He has since advised Council that this action may be taken at any regular Council meeting between now and July 20th. Staff now awaits direction from Council on this.

The Mayor has since called Measure P into question with a disingenuous and cynical comment. "What I'm afraid of, if Measure P passes, it would shut down the General Plan process." This is nonsense. SMRG has always supported the General Plan process and will continue to participate in good faith.

We continue to strongly encourage all of you to participate in the General Plan process – especially since the Mayor and Council continue to repeat that what they hear from us will shape the future. Stay plugged in at and note at the bottom of the first page on the site is a place to enter your email for all notifications. When the GP process starts up again, go to a meeting, participate online, and check out the events!


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