PRESS RELEASE - Smarter Growth Advocates Submit Petitions for November Ballot


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For release: June 6, 2018

Contact: Michael Weinhauer, Spokesperson 415-264-8402

Smarter Growth Advocates Submit Petitions for November Ballot

Riding a wave of enthusiastic support, San Mateans for Responsive Government today filed petitions containing 7000 signatures to place a measure on the November ballot to renew the height, density and affordable housing protections in the San Mateo General Plan to 2030. The San Mateo City Clerk deemed that there were sufficient signatures to deliver to the County for verification. The submitted signatures exceeded the required number of 5,185 valid signatures by 35%.

Spokesperson Michael Weinhauer said that “our group worked very hard over the past few months to collect these signatures, one-by-one, walking door to door throughout the city. More than 125 volunteers, representing virtually every neighborhood in the city, assisted in this grass-roots effort. Residents continually thanked our volunteers for giving them a chance to vote in November on a very important city issue.” Weinhauer further noted that the existing Measure P growth management policies in our General Plan “have stood the test of time and allowed substantial growth to San Mateo through many boom-and-bust economic cycles. Developers have had no problem building within the Measure P allowances.”

The County election officials have 30 business days to verify the signatures. The San Mateo City Council is expected to place the measure on the November ballot at their meeting of August 6. According to Weinhauer, “This measure is, again, the chance to help define our community for the near future. San Mateans for Responsive Government anticipates a vigorous ballot campaign and welcomes the community engagement it will involve.”

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