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Competing Measure Seeks to Confuse Voters - Don't be Fooled!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Don't be fooled by this misleading "citizen" measure brought to you by a real estate developer and construction union interests.  It is intended only to confuse residents who already collected more than 7,000 signatures to extend the development protections of Measure P which will be on the Nov 2020 ballot.

Most notably, this new measure does not include any height or density limits.

Maxine Terner, a 40-year resident, community activist & former Planning Commissioner, notes that San Mateo has grown and prospered under Measure P which helps our City Council resist the unrelenting pressure from development interests. The entire reason Measure P's height protections exist in San Mateo today is because residents became tired of fighting to keep their voices heard on every single project.  Remove those protections, as this measure does, and get ready to fight again.  Every. Single. Time.

Don't be fooled, this measure is not trying to meet the region's most pressing problems. It is nothing more than a trojan horse for unrestricted high rise development of 12 stories or higher in downtown, Hillsdale & other transit sites. It ignores the traffic and infrastructure problems associated with more housing, no matter where it is located in our community.

Large sums of money will be spent by the largest landowners, developers & real estate interests in the region to pay signature gatherers to qualify this measure for the ballot.  Who do you trust - your neighbors or big real estate with financial interests?  Don't be fooled.


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