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Claire Mack, Former Mayor, City of San Mateo

Dianne Whitaker AIA, Former Planning Commissioner

Don Hill, Current Member, Library Board

Ellen Wang, Former Member, Personnel Board

Garrett Rice, Former Public Works Commissioner

Karen Herrel, Former Planning Commissioner

Laurie Watanuki, Former Public Works Commissioner

Maxine Terner, Former Planning Commissioner, Founding Member, HANCSM

Ron Marblestone, Former Planning Commissioner

Thomas Morgan CPA, Member, Measure S Oversight Committee


Barbara Niss, Founder, Concerned Citizens of San Mateo

Beresford/Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Brian Haverty, Former President, San Mateo Little League American (SMLLA)

Central Neighborhood Association

Cynthia Newton, President North Shoreview Neighborhood Association, President Emeritus SMUHA

Dennis Murphy, President, San Mateo Glendale Village Neighborhood Association

Dorothy Chow, President Emeritus, San Mateo United Homeowners Association (SMUHA)

Linda Yates, Charter Member, San Mateans for Responsive Government

Michael Weinhauer, Board Member, Central Neighborhood Association

Mike Germano, Past President, Beresford/Hillsdale Neighborhood Association

Richard Neve, Board Director, Fiesta Gardens Homeowners Association

Rick Karp, Founder, San Mateans for Responsive Government

San Mateo/Glendale Village Neighborhood Association

Taso Zografos, President, Gramercy Mounds-El Cerrito Neighborhood Association

Virginia McIsaac, Board Director, San Mateo Park Neighborhood Association


Ali Taner

Allen Perris

Ann Hill

Barbara Ching

Barbara J. Cendak

Barbara Kilpatrick

Cheryl Zuffi

Cindy Antoniazzi

Clyde Preston Jr.

Connie Asaro

Connie Davis

D. Harris

David Shong

David Shum

Deborah Kohn

Dennis Keane

Donna Finkelstein

Donna Schmeeckle

Doug D'Anna

Dr. Al Landucci

Drew Taner

Eugene Holm

Gary Isoardi

George I. Herrel

Gene Cunningham

Georgette Guerra

Gretchen Warner

Holly H. Hewitt

Howard Lehr

James Bennett

Janet Karp

Janice Carter

Janice Lamphier

Janie B. James

Jay Finkelstein

Jeffrey Wang

Jill Reed

Jim Tolosano

Jimmy Reed

Joanne Del Bene

Joanne P. Bennett

Joyce Burns

Judy Stevens

Karen Maskel

Karen Sid

Kathy Hutt

Keith Weber

Kitty Van Beckum

Laura Wuest

Leo Burns

Linda Tolosano

Lisa Maley

Lisa Taner

Lisa Vande Voorde

Lynda L. Brothers

Mary Bona

Michelle Byron

Mike Leon Guerrero

Mike Manely

Nancy Weller

Oscar Lopez-Guerra

Patricia Von Rueden

Peter Mandle

Phyllis Holm

Renee Lehr

Richard Totaro

Rob Gibson

Robin Gage

Ronnie K. Eaton

Rowan Paul

Sam Asaro

Scott Lautenbach

Sharon Isackson

Shelly Weinhauer

Stephen Bell

Steve Maskel

Steve Weller

Susan Bell

Thomas Oerti

Tim Stevens

Tom Lease

Valerie Acker

Walter Schwartz

Wayne Stoller

William J. Cendak

and many, many more...


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