Senate Bills SB9 and SB10


Senate Bills SB9 and SB10 have been signed into law by Governor Newsom. These bills are the beginning of the end of homeownership in California, as investors jump into bidding wars against families. Senate Bill 10 opens all neighborhoods to demolition and speculation, letting any city council allow 14-unit luxury apartments on “any parcel”, overriding all zoning including single-family and commercial. These bills openly invite gentrification of older, diverse, multi-family and single-family areas. NO affordable units are required by either bill.

They are a massive gift to developers and real estate investors who will maximize their profits by building luxury and market-rate housing with NO affordable housing required!
Taxpayers will bear the costs of increased demand on schools, parks, water, sewers, power grids and public safety personnel.

Sacramento is increasing housing costs without meeting the need for affordable housing, approving density, ignoring water shortages, removing environmental protections, and transferring wealth from individuals to corporations!