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Claire Mack, Former Mayor, City of San Mateo

The Daily Journal

September 30, 2020





As a former public official in San Mateo, I have been at this place before. I'm amazed that special interests are spending over $1M to defeat Measure Y. That is a lot of money to be spent in a local election. That is a big signal to let voters know something is wrong!


A primary issue for me is that some of the backers of Measure Y, have been referred to as racists. I strongly resent those types of  allegations and find the reference abhorrent.


I worked on the original measure, now Measure Y, which was put on the ballot because decision-makers weren't listening to neighborhood concerns, especially in the North Central neighborhood. With so much money poured into this election, I don't think that's likely to change. Today every neighborhood is bearing unresolved impacts.


Affordable housing is critically important. That's a key reason I support Measure Y. It requires that affordable housing be built as part of each new housing development and be distributed throughout the community. We already know how to build ghettos. Lets not do that in San Mateo!


It's not true that Measure Y is a "dead end"! San Mateo has attracted much new housing and office development; in fact more than we've been able to absorb.


The original Measure Y was way ahead of its time and has kept San Mateo moving forward on a path that balances business and residents interests. I'm voting for Measure Y, join me! 


Claire Mack

San Mateo

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