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Argument in Favor of Measure Y


Vote YES on Y.  Tried, true and trusted, this measure was approved twice before by a vast majority of San Mateo voters.  Currently known as Measure P, it will EXPIRE - UNLESS extended by voting YES on Y.  Measure Y keeps height and density policies, compatible with our city’s character, in the hands of the community. Development interests don’t want that to happen. 


Yes on Y balances future growth with community livability:

  • Protects residential neighborhoods.  Protects all of San Mateo

  • Concentrates higher heights & densities near transit (5-7 stories)

  • Keeps current General Plan development standards intact.  When the General Plan update is complete, changes can be approved by voters

  • Requires a minimum 10% affordable housing

  • Ensures urgently needed affordable housing is actually built

  • Enables continued development & economic growth 


Without Measure Y:

  • Height limit protections disappear

  • Special interests press for excessive development

  • Public benefits for larger developments evaporate

  • A fair and equitable General Plan update is undermined

  • Buildings grow taller

  • Traffic grows worse


Who do you trust?  Measure Y is the only authentic grassroots citizen measure on the ballot.  We are your friends and neighbors, unpaid volunteers who care about the community we live in.  People you know.  People you trust.  


Who opposes Measure Y?  Real estate developers and special interests who benefit from more development have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into an effort to defeat Measure Y.  With this much money at stake, you know that the best interests of San Mateo residents are not being protected.  


Measure Y principles have stood the test of time.  For three decades residents have relied on these principles to guide balanced development while protecting the community character that makes San Mateo special. Stand with those you trust.  Learn more:


The Residents’ Voice.  The Voters’ Choice. 

Vote YES on Y.

Rebuttal to Argument Against Measure Y


The Argument Against Measure Y is incorrect.  Know the facts.  Measure Y does not limit San Mateo's ability to provide new housing options, nor does it impair economic growth or stunt city services.  Measure Y does give residents a voice when development deals are made by powerful special interests.  


Measure Y policies have helped San Mateo thrive.  For three decades these policies helped fund essential city services and promote economic prosperity, especially for small businesses.  New development is everywhere.  Thousands of housing units, including both market rate and affordable, and many offices have been built within the smarter growth standards of Measure Y.  Learn more: 


Measure Y Facts: 

YES on Y - Promotes economic prosperity which helps fund essential city services. 


YES on Y - Balances growth to better manage traffic and climate change.


YES on Y - Proven affordable housing producer - doubled the number of affordable units built since 1991. 


YES on Y - Guarantees affordable units for our heroes get built at same time as market rate housing (unlike developer Measure R).


YES on Y - Tried, true and trusted.  Approved twice before by a large majority of San Mateo voters.


Our opponents are spending BIG MONEY to buy this election.  They’ll flood your mailbox with slick mailers written by political operatives selling you a bill of goods. Get the facts.  Unlike developer Measure R, Measure Y is a true grass roots effort.  Real people support Measure Y - your friends and your neighbors. 


VOTE YES on Y  - Residents’ Voice.  Voters’ Choice

 Argument Against Measure R 


Vote No on R - Developers’ dream. Residents’ nightmare. A blank check, it removes voter control of height limit protections now in Measure P.  It opens the door to unrestrained growth in Downtown, Hillsdale and Hayward Park station areas, 25th Avenue, and much of El Camino Real.


Measure R was written by real estate development interests to exempt themselves from the

city’s rules. It’s designed to confuse and deceive, pretending to protect neighborhoods and champion affordable housing. In reality, it spurs market rate development and more luxury housing, accelerating gentrification.  


Measure R hinders production of urgently needed affordable housing. It provides a loophole for excluding affordable housing from market rate developments - a ‘buy out’ with no guarantee affordable units will ever be built.


Measure R undermines the General Plan. It allows critical changes to heights and densities in key development areas without voter approval.  Even after a new General Plan is adopted, the City Council can override any agreed upon development standards, effectively rendering the update process irrelevant with years of public input wasted.


Measure R rewards developers and eliminates public benefit.  It allows maximum building heights, yet takes away community benefits currently required for these larger developments.


Measure R fails to accurately identify targeted development areas. The map is illegible and in conflict with the boundary descriptions. Both are seriously flawed.  Inadequately defining the very crux of this measure, it misleads voters and grants final power to determine boundaries to three City Council votes.


Measure R is an all around bad deal. Measure R is not about neighborhood protection or affordable housing.  Don’t be fooled by the slick mailers designed to mislead, confuse, charm or alarm you. It is about money and power. Bankrolled by real estate development interests, it’s a self-serving power play.  Money talks.

Vote NO on R.

Rebuttal to Argument in Favor of Measure R

Why did the City Council put Measure R on the ballot since it was written by development interests to exempt themselves from city rules?  Flex your voter power and reject special interest influence. Vote NO on R.


Measure R blows the lid off height limit protections, paving the way for high-rise buildings with no ceiling on heights, bringing more traffic to your neighborhood. Flawed boundary map and text descriptions leave interpretation of contradictory boundaries to the Council, not voters. 


Measure R hamstrings affordable housing production. It gives developers a “buy-out” loophole to avoid building affordable units within their developments, thereby crippling affordable housing production and accelerating gentrification. In contrast, Measure Y requires affordable housing as part of every market rate development, with affordable units equitably located throughout the city. 


Measure R is not needed to create affordable housing. Measure Y continues Measure P's standards which have a proven track record of having doubled the number of affordable units built since 1991. New affordable housing projects are underway at the Downtown and Hillsdale train stations.  


Measure R is not needed to help businesses recover and may increase rents for small businesses. For over thirty years, Measure P policies have helped San Mateo thrive and prosper. Essential city services have improved and expanded.  Measure Y continues these proven policies. 


Measure R is funded by powerful real estate development interests.  The Bohannon Organization, owners of Hillsdale Mall and adjacent properties, has poured over $300,000 into an attempt to dominate this election.     


Vote NO on R - BIG $$$. NO LIMITS.

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