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Say NO to
General Plan 2040
Too dense, too high | Kills Measure Y


Like a demo and rebuild construction blueprint, the new Draft General Plan lays out a policy path for San Mateo to replace itself. It greases the skids for city-wide redevelopment, while discounting neighborhood livability, displacing small businesses, and endangering the Downtown Historic District.  

"A gut-punch to the voters of San Mateo," is how one observer described it after years of public input.  Deliberately ignoring the more balanced, sustainable smart growth model favored by city residents, City Hall and the Draft General Plan double down on extreme and untenable growth that will permanently alter the face of San Mateo.

The new draft General Plan is a brazen attempt to overturn the will of the people (voters), an action SMRG cannot support. We are forced to take a stand for the community good. We will oppose any measure the city puts forward to put this 2040 General Plan into effect. 


But as a voter, YOU still have the last word.  This Draft General Plan seeks to kill San Mateo's voter-approved Measure Y and trample the balance that Measure Y provides. 

YOU hold the power. 

Just say NOto General Plan 2040

Join us today!

San Mateo is a wonderful city.  Its charming neighborhoods, vibrant downtown and diverse population create an unmistakable sense of place.  But we believe San Mateo can grow to be even better.  For 30 years we've believed in protecting our neighborhood character and irreplaceable historic resources. We believe that balanced growth is a smarter path to more affordable housing and a better life for all -- without compromising the qualities that make San Mateo special.

Balanced Growth is Smarter Growth


Building heights of 55-75 feet (5-7 stories) allows significant, but balanced growth...


SMRG's long commitment to affordable housing...

The Abundance of Measure Y 


Gallery of Bay Area development that fits within these standards...

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